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Course Goals

Students will understand the kinds and numbers of wildlife that live in Montana, the difference between game and non-game species, the kinds of activities that threaten or benefit certain wildlife species, and the agencies that help protect and use wildlife species.

Topics covered

Observation Skills

  • how best to observe wildlife
  • when they can best be observed where
  • importance of observing wildlife
  • why it is useful to gather this information.

Surveying Methods

  • Bird banding
  • Telemetry
  • Electro shocking fish
  • Raptor surveys
  • Transect lines
  • Cameras
  • Hair snares
  • Trapping/Tagging
  • Pellet counts
  • Aerial surveys
  • Breeding bird surveys
  • Hunter surveys
  • Snowtrack surveys

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Species & Interactions with Rangeland and Livestock

  • elk, grizzly bear, black bear, gray wolf and mountain lion.
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