What better way for students ages 14-18 to learn about our natural resources than by working in the outdoors alongside natural resource specialists? The Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp offers just such an experience through its three-pronged approach to instruction.

  • Hands-on, intensive 3-hour field-based core classes in forests, water, soils, geology, rangeland, wildlife, and multiple land-use taught by natural resource specialists;
  • Evening programs and fun one-hour Learning-Through-Discovery activities with additional resource specialists;
  • Rafting, swimming, and free time social opportunities to meet and network with fellow future natural resource specialists.

All activities provide opportunities for students to hear new ideas and gain valuable leadership and problem solving skills. Fun Quiz-Bowl and Land-Use-Game competitions allow them to show off what they have learned. This camp will truly change your students’ lives.

Please pass this information on to any interested teacher in your school who wants to promote this unique and valuable camp experience to their students. We would be more than happy to schedule a short promotional demonstration at your school at your convenience.

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