Conservation Leadership School - CLS

The Conservation Leadership School offers advanced curriculum for 3rd year return campers. The modules work concurrently with the class sessions of the core program, and is intended to complement the existing curricula of the MNRYC. It is offered to returning campers ages 16 and older who have successfully completed MNRYCs core program and who are recommended for admission based on competency of knowledge and skills in the core program as well as the individuals maturity and socialization.

Potential topic-based field trips for returning campers are a visit a working ranch, tour of a sawmill, fishery studies, as well as stream and landscape restoration work following the Milltown Dam removal.
An overnight camping trip is part of this program as well.

Benefits of the CLS are numerous and include:

  • Empowering students to test their knowledge gained in the core program and understand how that information is integrated and applied in real-world scenarios on both private and public lands.
  • Enabling active participation by new public and private partners and supporters of MNRYC.
  • Engaging local community members as mentors helping educate the next generation of land users and managers.
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